Town of Robersonville, NC

Statistics Facts and Figures


Population 1488   
Number of Homes 700
Tax Rate $.58 per $100.00 valuation
Street Mileage 16.99 miles
Altitude 77.69Ft. (mean sea level)


Year Established 1919
Number of meters 1065
System Peak Kw 5815
Kwh Purchased/Sold 26,094,224


Number of Meters 1,000
Number of Elevated Tanks 3/1.3 Million Gallons
Number of Deep Wells 7
Current Daily Consumption Average 400,000 Gallons
Available Yield 2,200,000 Gallons


Number of Connections 986
Current Million Gallons a Day Average 400,000
Reserve Capacity 1,800,000

Natural Gas

Franchise Agreement with Piedmont Natural Gas 1-800-300-5755