Town of Robersonville, NC

Planning & Zoning


The mission of the Planning and Zoning Board is to promote orderly growth, preserving the character of communities, protecting property values and promoting economic development. This six-member board meets monthly. Information concerning the town's Zoning Ordinances and Official Zoning Map may be obtained by contacting the Zoning Officer. Subject to change. 

The Planning Board members:
Tyler Warren 
Don Lewis 
Michael Woolard 
Tammy Brown 
Larry Grandy 
Ricardo Hardison 

If you would like a copy of the Zoning Map click here
If you would like a copy of the Zoning Ordinance click here
Here is the application for Zoning Permit click here

The Zoning Board meets on the 2nd Monday, at the Town Hall at 5:30pm 109 S. Main Street. (if needed) 

If you have any other questions, please contact our Zoning Officer. 

Zoning Officer
Chris Roberson
Phone: (252) 508-0320
Fax: (252) 508-0330

Martin County Building Inspector
Jody Griffin
205 E. Main Street 
Williamston, NC 27892
Office Hours: 8am-5pm Monday-Friday 
Phone: (252) 789-4310
Fax: (252) 789-4314